We are HYRO – Haitian-American Youth, REACHING OUT – Non-Profit.


Haitian-American Youth Reaching Out (HYRO) is an organization that seeks to empower young people to lead change efforts in Haiti through community involvement. The organization was formed in 2015, after a former Haitian consulate recognized the active works of the Haitian-American youths in the Haitian community in Atlanta. He took a step forward to work with the youth while exposing them to leaders that could help shape their minds in order to become  advocate for change in Haiti. The idea that the youth could apply their skills meaningfully towards improving themselves and their nation resounded well with Thomas as the kind of ‘fire’ that Haiti could benefit from in gaining empowerment. The consul in Atlanta, Georgia, would become instrumental in fueling the ideas of the young Haitian-Americans.

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Drawing from the power of numbers by using the collective efforts of Haitian-American youths to advocate for Haiti and the Haitian communities worldwide.


To excel in teaching and empowering young Haitian-Americans to be successful leaders and advocates for Haiti and the Haitian communities worldwide. We serve as a resource for career readiness, leadership development, and civic engagement.


Learning- Support individual success through academic enrichment and service projects

Leading- Engage in the Haitian community and be at the forefront of solution development

Global citizenship- Maintain active citizenship in the global world and embrace diversity and inclusion

Integrity- Maintain high ethical standards and public stewardship

Innovation- deliver innovative services and instruction to middle and high school students

3 Pillars of HYRO

The 3 pillars are the foundation upon which we see communities rise. As soon as HYRO (Haitian-American Youth Reaching Out) was conceptualized, we began thinking of the pillars which would stand as the core of who we are as an organization – the foundation of our success.  Since then, many standards of practice have been initiated and accepted as norms and best practices in fulfilling our mission and vision.

Essentially, HYRO, is based on the following 3 Pillars, to which all members and supporting members of the HYRO community, should adhere.

Political Awareness/ Civic Engagement
This is our most fundamental core of HYRO as a non-profit organization. We have pledged, willingly, to give of our best talents, collectively, toward improving our skill-sets that will benefit improving the lives of Haitians and Haitian communities worldwide. Additionally, we promise to identify exterior resources that may support our efforts, adopting best practices while giving back through the reports of successes we achieve. All members have a duty to perform at their best, without prejudice, toward meeting the vision and mission of the organization, without any expectations of monetary gain or profit. This pillar underscores the very nature of HYRO.

Economic Empowerment
In numbers, we are committed to save Haiti through economic wellness! We are servants to the communities of Haiti to preserve all semblance of investment, growth and employment as well as to initiate and facilitate progression. We are dedicated to serve to the best of our abilities, collectively. One project at a time, HYRO members will strive to establish better spread of sustained progress across all of Haiti’s economy.

Community and Social Aspects
On this pillar, we stand committed to build communities from the ground upward. We strive to meet all Haitian communities at their present status and elevate them through proper research, education and introduction to progressive social norms. We will leave no community behind, regardless of state or status. Instead we will host them in their present situations and teach them to be better citizens, business owners and developers, consumers of resources as well as contributors back to the sources of their assistance. HYRO will see to the social development and improvement of the well-being of all Haitians worldwide, so that they are positioned to reach their full potential, equally.


We believe every person, in every nation, has the right to live in peace.
We believe every person and every nation has the right to progress.
We believe in love for one another.
We believe in compassion and understanding.
We believe in innovation and creative thinking.
We believe in HYRO’s spirit and we are making a difference every day by being the change that we want to see.
We believe in unity.
We believe in the power of numbers.