What We Do

HYRO believes in “Power In Numbers!”

HYRO cares about Haiti! We also discovered that our desire to care could only gain meaningful reach, through numbers. Before we could ‘do’, we needed to ‘be’. Therefore, we made a deliberate and successful attempt to grow substantially for the vision of community development and support. Today, our successes over the past three years are due to the numbers we have been able to achieve and continue to seek.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

We want this vision to continue! Unity is strength and strength is in numbers. HYRO seeks continued membership from professionals and others with unique skill-sets to serve as counsel/guide for our younger and less experienced members. It is our vision that more professional members will avail themselves to be mentors and resource agents, accessible to the youths upon requests.

Here is how HYRO best achieves “Power In Numbers”: Engaging to be engaged!

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  1. Create a unified vision


  1. Enhance team collaboration
  2. Create a clear identity for the organization along with comprehensive branding strategies

iii. Develop a marketing and recruitment plan that promotes rich relationships

  1. Highlight organizational successes to showcase improvements
  2. Align activities with the overall mission
  3. Optimize employee involvement

vii. Create a positive and supportive working environment

  1. Develop emerging leaders


  1. Develop innovative ways to deliver training and educational programs
  2. Improve public speaking abilities by providing a platform for learning and performing

iii. Create a comprehensive curriculum enhances leadership capacity, career support, and community involvement

  1. Cultivate an afterschool enrichment program for middle and high school students
  2. Create scholarship opportunities for program participants
  3. Promote local and global service projects and cultural exchange programs in curriculum planning
  4. Develop and ensure a sustainable program


  1. Become more result-oriented and professional-minded
  2. Develop a network of support from community members and organizational partners

iii. Increase financial capital to support programs and event

  1. Recruit volunteers/interns to assist with supporting ongoing programs and events
  2. Develop regularly scheduled leadership program to improve youth leadership capacity
  3. Maintain a database of clients, supporters, and volunteers to track programs and organizational effectiveness

vii. Develop a database of financial support and develop a deeper relationship with supporters

viii. Generate reports for each fiscal year that outlines program and organizational outcomes

  1. Cultivate youth success


  1. Increase opportunities for learning and involvement
  2. Reduce barriers to student access to lifelong learning and self-improvement

iii. Provide career advancement strategies and support life-long learning

  1. Improve self-confidence in the youth through workshops and learning engagements
  2. Encourage mentorship pairings between students and professionals to improve learning outcomes
  3. Be a driving force for community engagement


  1. Collaborate with other organizations to create a greater impact in the community
  2. Provide a platform to discuss matters of vital importance to the community and formulate solutions to the world’s problems

iii. Promote volunteerism in the community

  1. Develop and engage in outreach events designed to unify the community