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Will you join in the vision of seeing a better Haiti and its communities? Will you be called one who cares enough to join the mission of community and partnership to take back Haiti from years of setbacks? You can become involved in ‘doing’ by joining HYRO, today!

HYRO can only achieve its mandate based on the numbers we manage to secure behind the vision. With your membership, we gain new ideas and perspectives and willing pairs of hands and feet to accept the challenges of improving Haiti – one community at a time!

Be a member/Be a change maker, today!

Perhaps you are gifted with skills that result in others giving to a worthy cause. You can become a fundraiser for HYRO in ways that we perhaps are not able to extend our reach the way YOU can. Are you the one who can help significantly through fundraising?

Become a Fundraiser/Be a Hero for HYRO, today!

Hyro has strong belief that together if we relentlessly stand for what’s right, we can change the course of our communities and inevitably our beloved country Haiti. In order to be heard we need to speak and act collectively. Let your roots guide you, they are deep and strong.

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May, 2017 has been recognized as Haitian Heritage Month in Georgia.

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