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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, June 4, 2016

Samuel Buissereth – Marketing Director
Haitian-American Youth Reaching Out
Email: sbuissereth@hyroworlwide.org
Cell Phone: 678-447-3848

Haitian Olympic Swimming Team in Rio 2016
The 2016 Haitian Olympic Swimming Team makes their way to Rio this summer.

Atlanta, Georgia: As the 2016 Haitian Olympic Swimming Team journeys to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the 31st Summer Olympic games, they are making a stop in Atlanta, GA to share their experiences thus far. Haitian-American Youth Reaching Out (HYRO) will be hosting the first official press conference of the Olympic team on June 11th starting at 2:00PM at Haitian Ministry Theophile Church in Christ, Inc. 930 Custer Ave. S.E., Atlanta, GA 30316.

The latest addition to the team, Atlanta resident, Naomy Grand’Pierre, has this to say about joining the Haitian Olympic Swimming team: “I look forward to representing my Atlanta Dolphins Swim Team and certainly the country of Haiti on one of the most prestigious stages of competition.” Many local members of the Haitian community here in Atlanta are excited about what this means for not only a young Haitian-American but all Haitians across the world to participate in the Olympics. Naomy’s parents, Reginald and Clio Grand’Pierre, who are influential leaders within the local Haitian community want to get across that they know first-hand what swimming has done for their family and are excited to share the long-lasting benefits of swimming beyond the 2016 Olympics and throughout Haiti.

The team is in need of funding for the road to Rio and are thankful for the local Haitian owned and operated JL|Homes – a company of Joseph & Laine Capital Holdings, Inc., for being the first official sponsor of the 2016 Haitian Olympic Swimming Team. Their first step forward in providing funding and support is the type of action that HYRO is proud to be part of and help promote.

• “A great thank you to Haitians living in Atlanta, GA for stepping out on faith to support the Haitian Swim Team. It’s good to know we can find fellow countrymen ready to help one another.” Dr. E. Mervilus – President of the Federation Haitienne des Sports Aquatiques et de Sauvetage (FHSAS)

• “There is no greater joy then when a coach like myself witnesses the progress from one level to the next from their athlete over the years.”
Mr. T. Jackson – Head Coach of the City of Atlanta Dolphins Swim Team (CAD)

• “We live and breathe for these types of moments. A young Haitian-American in the Olympics, it’s been done before except this time Atlanta can do something about it.” Mr. R. Vernet – President of Haitian-American Youth Reach Out (HYRO)

About HYRO: Haitian-American Youth Reaching Out is a network of young and old promoting youth involvement in their communities embodying modern-day principles of organizing the youth and molding them to be leaders as well as keeping intact their Haitian heritage. We seek to make a difference in our community by setting examples and by creating a notion of what can be a brighter future for the Haitian community. For more information, feel free to visit us at www.hyroworldwide.org.



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