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Atlanta, GA- Haitian-American Youth Reaching Out (HYRO) is under new leadership and would also like to introduce new members of the organization.

HYRO is proud to announce its new President, Indi-Ara Richard. Richard is no stranger to the organization. In fact, he is one of the founding members and has worked closely with former leader, Romane Vernet, on growing HYRO and the programs since its start.

Although Vernet is no longer President, he will serve a dual role in the organization. One as a member on the Board of Directors and the other as the Director of Marketing and Communication of the organization. Rebecca Azor, one of HYRO’s new members, will work alongside him as the Community Outreach Coordinator. Together they will use media platforms to get news, events and so much more out to the public. Azor is a multimedia journalist who co-anchors an online political daily news show called “Like It Or Not”. Other new team members include Harold Jean-Francois, an entrepreneur in the sale and marketing industry, will take on the role of Finance Director. Guerdy Regilus will be the Director of Strategy and Leadership and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in leadership coaching, consulting and organizational design. Lastly, Ralph Raymond, an architect, will be the Director of Program Development.

For 2018, HYRO has many great programs and events planned that are geared toward Haitian-American youth. The organization’s skilled program directors have worked tirelessly to create these events designed to educate and bring not only the youth together, but also the Haitian-American community. For centuries our nation and its resilient people have stood tall to defend and preserve our legacy and today couldn’t be any better time for us to bridge the gap between both generations, so that our future children can benefit and learn from our shared values.

Some of the events of the include,
HYRO’s Annual Youth Summit- Representatives from various fields and backgrounds, in a ‘Career Day’ style, empower the youth through keynotes, seminars, cultural activities, networking booths, lunch and much more.

The Kreyol Competition- Serves as a cultural tie to the diaspora of Haitian descent. While providing the youth with prizes, it also aids to bridge the youth’s love of Haiti.

HYRO will also be recruiting soon for the following positions:

– Administrative Assistant
– Marketing Manager
– Volunteer Intern Coordinator
– Financial Services Coordinator
– Donor Relation Coordinator

If interested please email Hyroworldwide@gmail.com

For any information on the upcoming events be sure to visit the website at HYROworldwide.org.

And follow us on social media at: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Hyroworldwide


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